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Meet The Team

Benny Benoit


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Benny was born and raised in Denver, CO.  As a child in a locksmith family, Benny grew up spending summers cleaning the shop, copying keys, and learning to rekey cylinders and has worked for Mathias ever since. 

Mary Benoit


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Mary spent her entire childhood in Denver and was in the first graduating class at Bishop Machebuf High School.  Before Steve’s passing, they had been married for 51 years. Mary is a grandmother of 5 and as a native Coloradan, she is a staunch supporter of the Denver Broncos.

Michael Benoit


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Michael Benoit is the CEO of Mathias. He is a 4th generation native of the Centennial State. When Michael was in Junior High, he began working in the “family business,” the locksmith shop founded by his great uncle in 1901.  At that time it was owned by his grandfather, Steve Benoit Sr.

Will Kinghorn III

Chief Operating Officer

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Will is the COO for Mathias and joined our team in 2011. He has played a key role in the success and improvement of our customer experience. His main role is to provide quality, expert critique, and analysis of security needs for our great clients. 

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