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Mathias is here because of you, our loyal customers, and because of our expert technicians. We value your security, safety, and peace of mind. Your complete confidence is our goal. We care. Our guarantee is absolute.

Our Loyal Customer

Mathias sincerely values your business. We guarantee superior service. We provide only high-quality products. Your security, safety, and peace of mind are our only business.

Our Dependable Employees

Mathias encourages the professional and personal development of our employees. We promote on-going training and education. Successful, educated employees equal happy, satisfied customers.

Our Dedicated Management Team

Mathias has been managed since 1901 by four generations of the same family. Our priorities are customer service, employee retention, and consistent profitability to remain in business for the next hundred years.



Mathias was established in 1901. At that time a young John Mathias purchased a repair business from Oscar Sorenson. Mr. Sorenson’s business was located at 1110 – 18th St. John called his business John F. Mathias Novelty Works. These were genuine repairmen who worked on toys, push lawn mowers, locks and safes and anything else that was mechanical and repairable, which in those days was almost everything. In the family archives is a phone book from 1907 that lists John F. Mathias Novelty Works including the phone number Main 2020, which over the last 100 years has evolved to 303- 623-2020. So when we say we have had the same phone number for over 100 years we aren’t kidding.


In 1940 Steve Benoit, Sr. went to work for his Uncle John. John Mathias passed away in 1951 leaving the business to his nephew Steve Benoit, Sr. By 1951 the business had evolved to service on electric trains, tool sharpening, door closers, locks, and safes. Over the years it became apparent that Mathias couldn’t be all things to all people, so a path was charted.


In 1968 the business was forced to relocate from the original location of 1110-18th St. because of Denver Urban Renewal. The new location was 1427 Welton St. In the early 70s, the business strictly focused on locks, safes, and anything that involved security or made a door work. In 1981 Steve Benoit, Sr. and his wife Violet were ready for retirement and his son, Steve, Jr. and his wife Mary were ready to purchase the business. Steve, Jr. had always worked in the business except for a stint in the U. S. Marine Corp. Since 1981 the business has grown from a modest store front at 1427 Welton St. to modern retail stores and service centers.


Steve, Jr. retired in March 2013. In the past 20 years, Steve and Mary’s sons Benny and Michael have become involved in the business. In 2004 the Benoit family purchased DTC Key Lock and Safe and Aspen Commercial Security. We look forward to serving our community for the next 125 years. Thank you to all our clients and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

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